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    Keeping your car clean, with a car bin!*

    I don’t know about anyone else but being the main driver in the household my car is constantly full of people! I drop my dogs off every day with their sitter. Therefore, I keep a backup of everything in the car, wipes, poo bags all sorts. Also, my car is the bigger of our two which means mine is always used for road trips. This means stops at McDonald’s, Starbucks and petrol stations. I have been gifted an amazing little product which is a waterproof car bin which is perfect for road trips. I am always getting fed up of people leaving rubbish in the side pockets of my car. Now they have no excuses! 

    car bin

    The bag has a super handy strap which allows you to hand it around your seat in the car. Therefore this allows access for all passengers. I have a few road trips planned in the coming weeks where this will come in handy!

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